Pharmacy Management System (PMS)

Salient Features

  • Easy to use.
  • Fast POS Processing and quick Software setup.
  • Flexible Reporting.
  • Guaranteed increase in your business profits.
  • Complete Inventory Visibility at The Point of Sale
  • Complete Customer & Supplier Management.
  • Customized Inventory Control.
  • Customized Reporting and Analysis.
  • User Access Control.
  • Hardware Integration.

Are you a Pharmacy owner and facing difficulties to manage daily business activities manually? If Yes, then we are here to help you to resolve all your issues, Now, you need not to do all hectic business activities on your own. Install our easy to use SOFTAGE Pharmacy Management System (PMS) and make your life easy. Let us help you to manage your Restaurant operations and make you relax to focus on future growth of your business by using our customized reports.

We guarantee you 10% increase in annual sales and give you full grip on your business operations with less efforts. Our PMS is very easy to use and have different modules i.e; Sales, Purchase, Inventory, User Privileges and Customized Reporting.

Now, you need not to spend hours or even days to calculate your sales, purchases, inventory or any financial calculations manually, SOFTAGE PMS shall do all these jobs and many more for you on just ONE click.

Pharmacy Management System is designed to cater the requirement of Pharmacy Retail Shops. This software handles sale and purchase of items using barcode reader which enables quick sales and purchases and avoids long queues at busy pharmacy stores.

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