BizMate ERP

BizMate is a complete Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) which can be used in any business industry easily. It has been designed according to the international standards by keeping the requirements of different industries in mind. It has capability to be used in any business industry by making minor modifications according to the business processes of the organization.


Sales Module of BizMate allow its users to create Sales Orders, Invoices, Sales Returns, Credit Memo and many more including a report manager having bundle of several sales related reports


Purchase Module of BizMate allows its users to create Purchase Orders, Payable Invoices, Purchase Returns, Debit Memo, Credit to Supplier, AP Payments and many more including a Reports Manager having bundle of several purchase related reports.


Access your Business inventory stocks from BizMate Inventory management Module to track orders, control stock, and manage your business Inventory easily.


BizMate Accounts Module is designed according to the International Accounting Standards to help its users to control their Accounting transactions, define Financial Years and Periods and also allow its users to make Journal Voucher entries.

Cash & Bank

BizMate offers you complete Cash Management Services to fit your company's needs. We'll show you ways to manage your cash flow, back accounts & finance your inventory.

Asset Management

BizMate Asset Management Module tracks the financial, contractual, and inventory details of hardware and virtual infrastructure – as well as non IT assets.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence refers to integration, analysis & presentation of business information. BizMate have several dashboard to facilitate its users to have better decision.
BizMate also has ability to integrate with other Business Intelligence tools to offer high tech BI dashboards.


BizMate is an enterprise resource planning solution built with a focus on manufacturing & distribution.

HR & Payroll

HR is concerned with the management of people within organizations. BizMate users can manage their employees records and define their HR policies & manage their payroll records and define their HR policies & manage their payroll according to their own desire.

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