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Why SoftAge?

Development Methodology

To ensure the development of the system according to the client requirements and conformance to business needs, Softage keeps its clients in picture right from the start of software development process.

After the initial requirement gathering sessions with the end users, and management, the Company comes up with requirement specification document (RSD). This document is developed according to the standard format of the company. This document describes the features and functionality of the proposed system, in a manner, which is understandable by the clients. The client and Softage sign-off the document. This sign-off provides a boundary regarding the features and scope of the system.

Next stage is development of the functional specification document (FSD). This document is based on the RSD and further elaborates the system. The user interface screens are developed and details of these screens are made part of the document. With the help of this document the user is able to point out discrepancies, if any, in the system. The client and Softage sign-off this document.

Next stage is design and implementation of the system. Prototypes are shown to the client during the development phase. These prototypes are only used to test the functionality of certain features of the system. Softage's SDLC (software development life cycle) incorporates rigorous configuration management which result in desired business solutions.

Quality of the software is ensured through the use of sound software engineering principles. Thorough testing of the software is done before the final deployment of the software.

Technical Skills

Softage has the ability to provide custom software solution using the latest technologies. Tools and Technologies used by the company are:

  • Relational Databases
    Different RDBMS software such as Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and MS Access are used for database applications.
  • Internet & E-Commerce
    HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 4, Java Script, VB Script, jQuery, ASP, PHP 7....
  • Use of 4 G-L tools
    For rapid application development, company uses 4 GL tools such as Visual Basic, Crystal Reports.